E-Payroll Access 

Employees may log on to EPAYROLL to access E-Stub, where they may view and print pay

check information for the current and immediate past calendar years.

Follow these steps to log on to the system and create your secure PIN:

1) Please visit https://www.kqps.net/ and click on Employees. Scroll to the bottom of the

page and click on Login to E-Payroll to view the login screen.


2) At the log on screen, type PAYDAY250 (all caps) for both the User Name and the

Password, and then click the Login button. This User Name and Password provides

access to the system and will not change.


3) Under Options, at the bottom left corner, click on E-Pay Stubs.

Before you can access the system, you must create a PIN. We highly recommend that

you NOT use your network password as your PIN.


4) On the screen, locate this sentence, "To create a PIN or for other PIN options, click

here", and click on the word "here".


5) Select the option to CREATE ACCOUNT to Register and create a New PIN. Fill out

the information requested in all the fields. Please note: your PIN is case sensitive. You

may enter any e-mail address. After completing all of the information, click on the

Submit button.


6) Click on Return to Processing, and enter your last name, birth date and your newly

created PIN (Password) and click Submit. You may now select the pay date that has the

information that you wish to view or print. Under the section on Leave Accounting,

please note that the leave taken only reflects what has been posted in the payroll system

and does not include any leave not entered or still pending.


7) When finished, click on Log Out at the top of the screen. We strongly advise you to

also close your browser after logging off.


If you need any additional assistance creating your E-Payroll Account or resetting your PIN,

please contact Jennifer Jackson 804-785-5981 or jejackson@kqps.net


Login to E-Payroll