Child Find

Child Find
Child Find is an ongoing process of finding children who may be disabled whether or not these children are in the public schools. Children needing special services may include children who are:

  • Mentally Disabled

  • Hearing Impaired

  • Speech Impaired

  • Visually Impaired

  • Seriously Emotionally Disabled

  • Physically Challenged

  • Deaf-Blind

  • Multi-Disabled

  • Learning Disabled

  • Language Impaired

Warning Signs
Take time to see if a child has a disability by comparing this child to other children his or her own age.
Does the child…

  • Respond to sound?

  • Understand what he is told?

  • Talk like other children?

  • Hurt himself or others for no reason?

  • Move about and control his own body?

  • Use his eyes to find familiar objects?

  • Look to see where a sound is coming from?

  • Appear to be developing at the same rate as other children?

What To Do
If you feel that a child may have a disability, find help at once. A child may get special help, even if he/she is not of school age.

For further information, contact:
Director of Special Education & Federal Program Services
King and Queen County Public Schools
Telephone: (804) 785-5981 or (804) 769-4670

If a child is already in a public school and you feel that he or she may have a disability contact:
The child’s Teacher, Principal, or School Nurse

If a child is in a private school and you feel that the child may have a disability and is in need of special services, contact:
Director of Special Education & Federal Program Services
King and Queen County Public Schools
Telephone: (804) 785-6241 or 769-4670

Once contact has been made, the referral process will begin. Parental consent for evaluation will be secured before a full individual evaluation of the child’s needs is made. The child will be tested in all areas related to the suspected disability which may include health, vision, hearing, social and emotional status, general intelligence, academic performance, communicative status and motor abilities.

An eligibility meeting with the parents to discuss the findings of the evaluation and recommendations will be conducted. The child will be placed according to the findings of the evaluation, with parental permission.

Special Education Programs and Services
Based on the findings of the evaluation, the child may be eligible for the following Special Education programs and related services:

  • Classroom Instruction

  • Counseling Services

  • Diagnostic Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Early Childhood Special Education

  • Psychological Services

  • Physical Therapy

  • Program Services for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children

  • Speech Therapy

  • Transportation Services

  • Visiting Teacher Services