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One Team, One Mission

One Team, One Mission



The JROTC program provides a four-year, sequential program of instruction that emphasizes academic preparation, citizenship, leadership, character development, and the scope and nature of the particular military service branch. The program is available to all students in grades 9-12. The program teaches Cadets how to become better citizens for their community. The primary purpose of instruction is to instill the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. The personal responsibility aspect of the program is geared towards ensuring that students graduate from high school and avoid negative peer pressures. Although the program at its core teaches military fundamentals, universal values such as self discipline, teamwork and interpersonal communication are stressed throughout the entire 2 – 4 year course. Throughout the course of instruction,members are challenged academically, physically, and socially as topicsprogress from basic to advanced concepts. Depending on a student’s time in theprogram, they will be promoted to levels of leadership within their battalion,squadron or company. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects,including: communication skills, leadership, physical fitness, first aid anddrug abuse prevention, history, citizenship and technology awareness.

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